Danny Haines

Design & Direction

Undaunted by a challange, passionate about design, flexible and yet focused on a final vision, obsessed with the details, pixel perfect and always delivered on the dot, and what's more... and maybe the right designer for you?

It has been said of him...

Likes a base grid / responsible / geekish love of typography / dedicated / diplomatic / not easily fazed / pragmatic in finding a solution / can do attitude / always professional / reliable / easy to talk too / enthusiastic / listens to opinions / listens to weird music / suggest solutions / approachable / understanding / calm / into foreign films / loyal / makes many lists

What I can do...

Art Direct / Brand building / Creative Concepts / Campaign strategy / Content analysis and appraisal / Creative direction / Cross-channel campaigns / Editorial Design / Email campaigns / Front-end web-design / Identity Design / Typographic Design / Visualising and Wireframing / User-interface design / Leading a team /
Design with pride.

What I don't do...

Make cliches about teamwork or being a hard worker. I believe these are all prerequisites for most roles / illustrate percentage bars on my skillset on any given program / create graphs about copious coffee consumption. (& yes, I do drink black coffee) / dance / kill spiders despite an irrantial fear of arachnids / wear white jeans /
Never give up.

Web Design Services