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Online Design Portfolio 2014
Commercial and personal projects by Danny Haines
Birmingham West Midlands United Kingdom
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I can help with:
• Visual Creatives
• Front end design
• UX / UI design
• Mobile Design
• branding & identity
• Email design
• web design
• Graphic Design
Studio Information
(Above) Working in the studio is shared with the cats sleeping
A little about me...
Hello. I am a Graphic Designer based near Tamworth, Staffordshire (UK) available for selected freelance design work. I specialise in front end design, visual creatives and web design. This portfolio has a selection of both self-initiated and client based work. I have 10 years design experience, having previously gained a First Class Hon's Degree in Graphic Design at Staffordshire University.

Hire me...
I am currently in full time employment and only have a limited amount of time for freelance work. However, if you like what you see, please feel free to enquire about my availability.
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What drives me...
I have a passion for clean, enduring and simple grid-based design.

As well as design, I also enjoy...
• Exploring new places through travel
• Watching obscure documentaries
• Taking photographs
• Playing cricket in the sunshine
• Watching my local football club
• Being in the Kitchen
• People who are good with words
• Learning new languages
• 'Love will tear us apart'
• Tormenting my three fat black cats

Skill set
List not exhaustive...
• Visual Creatives
• Front End Design
• UX / UI design
• Mobile Design
• Branding & Identity
• Email Design
• Web Design
• SEO Advice
• Graphic Design
• Typography

Things that inspire me...
In no particular order...
• Old Travel Posters
• Typography
• European Cinema
• Maps / Information Graphics
• Black & White Photography
• Modern History
• Well read people
• Longevity in design
• Heavy rotation of certain music
• Sunny Days!

Mistaken Identity
I'm told that I look a like...
• Milan Baros (Footballer)
• Jenson Button (F1 Driver)
• Saj Mahmood (Cricketer)
• David Boreanaz (Actor)
• Chris Coleman (Footballer)
• The Fonz (Actor)
• Mr Whippy (Ice Cream Vendor)
• The Dolmio Man Icon
• Olive Anyone / thing with this pantone
• Luis Suarez (Footballer)

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